Measure your production and anticipate pests.

Our solution


Harvest forecast
Disease forecast
Increases accuracy of yield estimation avoiding conventional estimation deviations.
Speed-up crop yield estimation vs manual estimation.
Uncertainty reduction face to weather sudden changes.
Increases data traceability providing accurate detail of best and worst producing areas of the field.
  • eco

    Prediction of disease occurrence: powdery mildew and downy mildew on leaves.

  • humidity_percentage

    Correlation of leaf symptoms with the evolution of climatic parameters (leaf moisture, temperatures).

  • psychiatry

    Allows the application of protection treatments adjusted to the needs of the crop.


Use cases

Vindoo use testimonial for table grape estimates

Feedback from the table grape estimation process. Leveraging field estimation data to assist in decision making.

event 08/2022 location_on Ecuador

Using Vindoo on tomato yield forecasting

Feedback from the tomato yield forecasting process. Leveraging field estimation data to assist in decision making.

event 04/2023 location_on Tunisia
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format_quote Since using Vindoo, we have seen a great improvement in the ability to adjust to production peaks and valleys. format_quote
Farm Manager
format_quote In a context of climatic uncertainty, Vindoo provides us with better forecasts than the historical series that we usually use as a reference to estimate harvests. format_quote
Technical Manager
format_quote Vindoo provides us with an audit of the estimates made by the production teams of each farm. It is a tool that helps a lot to improve the scaling of our operations. format_quote
Technical Director
format_quote The greatest added value that Vindoo provides us is being able to make a good forecast of harvest workforce. Having more precise tools, we are able to better adjust the workforce we need to carry out the harvest up to date. format_quote
Harvest Supervisor
format_quote Before, lack of precision led us to miss out on higher-paying commercial programs. Now, the better estimates provided by Vindoo allow us to commit to the programs in a more precise way and thus improve our profitability. format_quote
Commercial Director
format_quote “The integration of Vindoo estimates in my agricultural management software provides me with a 360 perspective on the production processes of my farm. format_quote
Technical Manager
format_quote “Having more than 2,000 acres and 7 associated farms, Vindoo's estimates are a reliable tool to know what we really expect to produce in each orchard. format_quote
Technical Director

Our added value

trending_up We improve your farm profitability through an accurate forecasting digital tool.
code_blocks Our artificial vision algorithms achieve estimates of over 95% accuracy in fruit counting.
sunny_snowing A response to climate uncertainty: we adjust estimates for climate-related production fluctuations.
avg_time The precision tool for producers committed to highly profitable and digitized agriculture.
hub Painless integration in the farming production data flow.
add_business Alignment within the production value chain: better forecasting result in better sales.
engineering Better forecasting optimizes the efficiency of workforce and production planning.



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